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Facial treatments
About us
Welcome to 
Restora Aesthetics

We are a team of professional doctors in the field of cosmetology and trichology who are internationally certified and having 7 + years of experience in most reputed healthcare organizations.

our central vision is to help our clients get the most natural and long-lasting results in the most effective and affordable way our main moto is to restore the confidence of our clients by restoring their hair.

So goes our slogan.
Restore your confidence with Restora .

Why we ?

There are multiple treatment options in the market ...that are being portrayed like the best treatments, but to be truthfull no one treatment suits all.

We are specialized in the customization of treatments.


We thoroughly examine our clients .. by taking detailed history of the problem to using of advanced technologies in diagnosing the problem....we treat the root cause of the condition. Our results more accurate and long


Holistic treatment is our approach. Hair or skin is not just a one-day issue ...maintenance is the key. We can proudly say that we have dedicated nutritionists and life style coach to support our clients with the best nutrition plan that can help maintain their results long-lasting.

Meet Our Team


Medical cosmetologist(Germany)
PMU artist(Spain)
7 + yrs experience in cosmetolgy field

Mr.Srinath Gadi

Nutritionist & Dietician 
Provided more than 1000+ personalised diet charts..

Dr.Rajesh Damarasingu

Oral & Facial Plastic Surgeon
Dip Maxillofacial Treauma ,
Ficoi (USA), Mfd Rcs (Ireland)

Dr. Mounika modalavalasa


Dr. Kundhana

Ayurveda Consultant

Dr.Sheeba Ruth

BDS,Clinical Cosmetologist,
Counselling psychologist

Dr.A.V.N.S Naidu

Medical Consultant

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