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Effective & Successful
Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation has several benefits including:

  • restoring the natural hairline

  • improving the appearance

  • boost self-esteem and confidence

  • helping with a more youthful appearance

  • used to repair scars from previous hair transplantation procedures or from other cosmetic treatments such as facelifts

To maintain results it’s important to properly take care of the transplanted hair. Follow the post-op recommendations closely to ensure optimal healing takes place. Thereafter, resume your normal hair care routine, and attend all follow-up appointments

Hair growth will begin to increase from 3-4 months post-surgery, and typically by month 6, growth will be noticeably thicker, with full results seen at 12-18 months.

Using advanced technology and high-performance cosmeceutical skincare products our highly-skilled team of Therapists is experienced in delivering best-in- class results.

Safety & Technology

Our highly-skilled and experienced team of Therapists are trained in the latest technology and operate the safest machinery.

Experience Team

Whatever your skin concern, we have the experi knowledge, and professional Skin Treatments to the best results tailored to your skin goals.

Best Results

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